Outstanding track-record of successfully closed transactions and advisory mandates of more than 15 years

Broad industry coverage

Through a combination of corporate finance know-how, specific industry expertise from our group companies owned by Alfa Finance Holding, and existing transaction experience, we leverage on our unique position to deliver value to clients from various industry sectors.

Renewable energy

The past decade has marked a significant increase in investors’ interest towards green energy. Over the recent years Bulbrokers Consulting has been actively engaged in the development and financing of a large number of projects in the Bulgarian renewable energy sector. We are currently advising leading international companies, which invest in renewable energy projects and/or operate existing businesses on the local market. Collectively, our past advising engagements and current mandates account for approximately 403MW of green energy projects. We have performed multiple M&A, capital market transactions, private placements, and strategic advisory services in the sector. Through a unique combination of corporate finance and industry specific know-how from one of our specialized group companies (Solarpro Holding), we leverage on our core competencies to provide high quality advisory services to our clients.


The industrial sector is considered the backbone for many developed and developing economies. We have performed multiple M&A, capital markets transactions, strategic and fairness opinion advisory services for leading SEE companies in the industrial minerals and electrical engineering sectors. Bulborkers Consulting has been also involved in privatization procedures in the respective sector.

Real estate

Regardless of the ongoing pressure on Bulgarian real state market over the recent years, the sector remains opportunistic with high potential for future growth. Bulbrokers Consulting possesses significant track record in advising projects related to real estate management and development. We have been involved in some of the major real state transactions in Bulgaria, such as the management buyout deal for Landmark and the acquisition of Business Park Sofia. Through Landmark Holdings - our group company and one of the biggest integrated real estate holdings in Bulgaria, we possess the necessary know-how and execution force to serve our clients for various real state related projects.

Infrastructure and construction

The economic slowdown, reduced inflow of foreign capital, limitations on mortgage lending and weaker economic climate among construction companies have caused deceleration of the construction market in Bulgaria. Still, the lack of sound and contemporary infrastructure in the country creates many opportunities with high yield potential. Forthcoming opportunities for realization of extensive infrastructural projects in compliance with the national strategy for regional development, financed with EU funds and by the state budget provide for an excellent outlook. Through Sofstroy – one of our group companies operating in the area of construction, infrastructure, concrete and asphalt production and project management, we possess the necessary field expertise to support our clients.

Consumer retail

Consumer retail remains a challenging sector as the ongoing economic conditions keep conservative demand levels and put pressure on consumer propensity to spend. As low quality competition is forced out of the market, major players and new entrants, with high operating efficiency and value chain innovation, are expected to position themselves accordingly on the market. Bulbrokers Consulting has strategically advised few of the major players on the Bulgarian consumer retail market over the past few years.

Transport and logistics

The transport and logistics sector in Bulgaria has undergone major developments over the past few decades. Bulbrokers Consulting has been involved in a few major stock exchange privatization transactions over the years.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

The ITC sector is one of the most dynamic and sizeable sectors in Bulgaria. Demand for technological innovation and advancement is rapidly growing and our outlook for the sector remains positive for the foreseeable future. Bulbrokers Consulting has been involved in various complex projects and transactions in the sector under mandates by leading local and international clients. We have been involved in some of the most significant capital market transactions on the Bulgarian telecommunications market. The scope of services, which we have provided, includes M&A, capital market transactions, and strategic advisory.

Insurance and banking

Bulbrokers Consulting has played an active role in some of the landmark M&A and capital markets transactions in the insurance and banking sector in Bulgaria. We have also provided strategic advisory and executed the acquisition of а Macedonian retail bank and a leading Bulgarian insurance brokerage company by Financia Group. Through a unique combination of corporate finance and industry specific know-how from our specialized group companies, we leverage on our core competencies to provide high quality advisory services to our clients.

Conventional energy

Conventional energy remains the most important energy source for the Bulgarian economy and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. In the conventional energy sector, we have advised large privatization transactions for an electricity distribution company and a 1,260MW thermal power plant in Bulgaria.

Media and advertising

The media and advertising sectors remain quite dynamic as innovative practices and applications and frequently introduced. Through Economedia, one of our related companies and highly reputable leader on the Bulgarian media market, we possess a clear understanding of the sector, the prevailing trends and hold an extensive business know-how. Bulbrokers Consulting has played an active role in a few sector transactions, related to major media groups, over the years.


The tourism and hospitality sector in Bulgaria has been rapidly developing over the past decade and currently plays a crucial role in the economic development of the country. The upward trend is expected to be sustained over the foreseeable future as potential for growth remains high and significant room is still left for business operations optimization, as well as new market niches exploration. Bulbrokers Consulting has advised some of the leading local companies in the sector over the past years.

Agriculture and processing

Demand for agricultural land property has been rising over the past few years. The market still remains highly fragmented revealing high potential for realization of M&A benefits. Bulbrokers Consulting has played a major role in advising leading players in the agriculture (including tobacco) industry.