We will support you during each step of acquiring or selling a business

Mergers & acquisitions

M&A transactions, quite complex in nature, are at the core of our services. Adequate structuring, valuation, execution, and timing are paramount to the successful realization of any project and meeting the objectives of our clients. Bulbrokers Consulting has structured, coordinated and implemented multiple complex / cross border M&A and investment transactions and projects of various sizes.

A general framework of our M&A services typically includes:

  • ▪  status quo and positioning strategy analysis

  • ▪  process structure and coordination

  • ▪  defining opportunities for buyers and screening the investors universe (market testing) for sellers

  • ▪  internal valuation and business plan development support using internationally recognized methods

  • ▪  advise and support in securing potential transaction financing

  • ▪  preparation of confidential bid materials for buyers and marketing/offering materials for sellers

  • ▪  seller’s/buyer’s due diligence

  • ▪  negotiation support

  • ▪  post transaction support and strategic advice

Selling a business – sell-side advisory

Selling a business is a critical strategic decision, especially for private owners with considerable amount of invested funds and dedicated time. Reasons for partial or full exit might be embedded in the need for liquidity, attracting new strategic business partner, future business expectations, or personal choice. Whatever the reasons might be, selling a business is a highly complex process which needs to be properly defined, structured, executed, coordinated, and successfully brought to closing at favorable terms for the seller.

Our professional team brings extensive strategic, valuation and execution know-how in line with best industry practices. We support our clients during each step of a sell-side process aiming to ensure that their objectives are properly met and all concerns are addressed. We develop a tailored approach within the general framework of each separate mandate in order to ensure effectiveness, adequate pace, and best feasible outcome for our clients. Bulbrokers Consulting fully manages the entire process with high integrity and discretion.

Acquiring a business – buy-side advisory

Often, companies seek growth through acquisitions as such approach could potentially ensure the highest risk adjusted returns. Similar to selling a business, acquiring one is equally strategically critical to any given investor. Our in-depth market knowledge, extensive investors network and constant screening for opportunities in various industry sectors, allows us to provide high quality professional advise and support to our clients.

We offer the full spectrum of services in a buy-side process – from defining a target, through initiating discussions with the seller, evaluating the business, advise and support in securing potential financing, preparation of expression of interest, performing thorough due diligence, providing transaction documents and negotiations support, finalizing the transaction to a successful closing. Bulbrokers Consulting fully manages the entire process with high integrity and discretion.